FluentDOM PEAR channel

Using this Channel

This channel is to be used with the PEAR installer.

Registering the channel:
pear channel-discover pear.fluentdom.org
Listing available packages:
pear remote-list -c fluentdom
Installing a package:
pear install fluentdom/package_name
Installing a specific version/stability:
pear install fluentdom/package_name-1.0.0
pear install fluentdom/package_name-beta
Receiving updates via a feed:


FluentDOM - FluentDOM provides an easy to use, jQuery like, fluent interface for DOMDocument.

FluentDOM basically implements the jQuery API into PHP but relys on XML instead of HTML.

  • Package name: FluentDOM
  • License: MIT
  • Maintainers: Thomas Weinert (as lead), Bastian Feder (as lead)
  • Releases: 1.0.0 (stable)
  • Install command: pear install fluentdom/FluentDOM

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